A sales funnel is a set of steps where you guide a prospect through a series of communications that results in them buying from you.

But what happens after that first sale is made? Existing customers are the people who are most likely to buy from you again.

At the top of the funnel, you offer something for free in return for getting a prospect's contact information. This could be a report, checklist, video or eBook. Then you begin marketing, following up with emails and other communications to attempt to make a sale.  If you want to know more about sales funnel then you can check this out https://www.funnelsprice.com/clickfunnels-templates/.

For example, before purchasing an automobile, you go on it for a free trial. If you prefer the vehicle and buy it, then the salesman will not simply hand you the keys and vanish. You are offered extended auto warranties, improvements such as wheel and upholstery choices.

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After a few weeks that the salesperson will probably contact you to see whether you should be delighted with your brand new auto, and enable you to learn about a reduction or purchase moving on. In the long run, you'll be contacted with chances to exchange in your car or truck and the earnings process continues on.

Because you can easily see from the case above, there might be a number of diverse degrees in a sales funnel. A 1-degree funnel is really where after having a consumer buys from you, you proceed on the next potential.

It is reasonable to sell to someone who has bought one of your services and products, instead of making an effort to convince new visitors to purchase your solutions. A current customer knows you and your enterprise. Should they've received exemplary value out of you, they'll certainly be prepared to spend less with you, as opposed to someone who's never heard about you personally.

There is no "ideal number" of sales funnel levels. Each business, product, and service is different. Just make sure you are continuously providing your prospects and customers opportunities to improve their lives or solve their problems with future purchases from you.


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