Electrical muscle stimulation is a safe, effective tool in your equine veterinary procedures. Not only can it quicken healing and reduce inflammation in most equine leg injuries, but also it can help to prevent health problem, and improve circulation through routine use. You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about treatment for arthritis in horses

Electric muscle stimulation functions most efficiently on soft tissue health issues, where it may penetrate the deepest. Here, it may improve recovery by stimulating blood circulation, shield against disease, and a few research declare it's a natural analgesic effect.

Autologous Conditioned Serum

If your horse has only got an injury to a ligament or tendon, then that is the first step. This treatment readily reduces chronic and acute pain in horses also can really help in your horse's rehabilitation. Injuries like ligament breeds or bowed joints, which may have a very long time to cure, may be encouraged to fix quicker with stimulation.

A number of lower leg injuries are injuries to bone. In such scenarios, like fractures, electric muscle stimulation is less powerful compared to soft tissue damage, but it might play a considerable part in rapid upward recovery.

By improving blood circulation to the wounded location, this therapy increases the supply of recovery nourishment and oxygen to the affected place. Stimulating blood flow will also help cut down inflammation and lymphedema, especially helpful in the event the horse's distress is restricted. 

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