Ozone generators are an appliance that a lot of people are curious about. However, they can be dangerous. Ozone is composed of charged oxygen molecules, gaining an additional oxygen atom when charged. That means they are highly reactive to anything that they can dump the oxygen atom into.

This means that any organic thing can be harmed by ozone, considering cells can absorb this oxygen atom. This can kill the cells that absorb it. However, because of this, it makes an effective pest control weapon as well as an odor eliminator.

An ozone generator will sanitize the area you use it in as well as kill pests that are inside of it. This includes things like roaches, spiders, and even fleas.

Fleas are a dangerous little creature that can transmit diseases to you and your pets. They can jump on you and bite you before you even know it. Mashing them is practically ineffective, so you have to resort to chemicals or pest control.

Luckily, ozone deteriorates and turns back into breathable oxygen over the course of a couple of hours, so you don’t have to worry about messy, stinky chemicals either. A pest control call can help, but if you don’t want to deal with it, an ozone generator is the way to go.

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