This summer there is no reason to break your budget by constantly running an electric or gas heater to keep your in-ground swimming pool warm. On the contrary, simply by investing in a solar pool cover and a cover reel you can save plenty of money while enjoying more hours of swimming fun.

This is due to the fact that solar pool covers and reels for in-ground pools provide an easy and affordable way to lengthen your swimming season and to conserve both energy and pool chemicals. By absorbing sunlight and retaining heat, solar covers can significantly increase the temperature of your pool water.

At the same time, solar pool covers and reels for in-ground pools offer a multitude of other excellent benefits and advantages. There are many pool covers like Electric Automatic Pool Covers , Retractable Pool Cover available in the market.


Solar pool covers for in-ground pools are available in a variety of different sizes and brands. However, all of the highest quality solar covers have certain design features in common. For instance, solar pool blankets feature thousands of tiny air bubbles which act as insulators while also transferring heat from the sun into the swimming pool.

This means that solar covers absorb sunlight during the day while preventing heat loss during the night. The natural result of this is that your pool will heat up faster and stay warmer even while you use your electric or gas heater less often. Your pool will also lose less water and fewer chemicals through evaporation, saving you money on costly swimming pool chemicals.

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