Are you interested in making your own rose shadow box? You are going to need a shadow box, a hot glue gun, some glue sticks and also some flowers and follow one of the instructions given on The first thing to do is, you are going to use the shadow box. Take it apart and use the white paper that it comes with and the cardboard back as a base to glue on the flowers for style. Take a few roses and other little branches from the bouquet, bring them together and tie them up with a little bit of string.

So once you rearrange them and cut off the excess stem, you can see exactly where you want it. Put the glass over it and you’re done with it. Another way is a little bit more time-consuming but you will like it just as well. Start off by detaching the rose from the stem and you might want to do this with all of the roses that you want to place into the shadow box.

So, once you have to attach all of the flowers and have an idea of where you want them to go, you will simply start to glue them on and you will take your hot glue gun and glue them on to the base kind of around where the stem used to be and then gently but firmly press it down onto the paper. Just continue this process with the rest of the roses.

Once all of your flowers are glued onto the paper, you can go ahead and take the actual shadow box and put it over the roses. Fix it to your liking and you are done. So, after everything is in place and you’re happy with how it looks, you can go ahead and flip the shadow box around, pin back to the little things to hold the cardboard and you are practically done.

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