Do you want to smoke anytime you want regardless of where you are? If you wish to smoke when working in the office or when you are in the pub, restaurant or everywhere else, I would suggest that you switch to the safer method of smoking which is the electronic cigarette.

Smoking this cigarette is allowed in all public places even those that are no go zones for anyone who would wish to smoke tobacco cigarettes. To enjoy your puff at anytime and always, look for the best electronic cigarette.  No one will ask you because this cigarette is safe even for none smokers because it does not produce any second hand smoke.

Since the coming of the electronic cigarettes, they are no longer referred to as passive smokers. These cigarettes create a very sociable environment for all those who are around the smoker. This adds up to the many benefits of smoking tobacco cigarettes which are an environmentally friendlier, healthier and cheaper option for both existing and potential smokers.

If things move at the same pace that they are now moving, chances are that the electronic cigarette will completely replace the traditional cigarette. A time is coming when smokers will know what they are missing by not switching to the traditional cigarette.

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