As you handle the dozens of jobs coordinating a bar mitzvah involves, searching for a bar mitzvah tallit must be on very top of your list.

Should you purchase a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tallit on the internet, you are going to want time to select the most suitable one and have it sent to you, and if you purchase a tallit out of Israel, then you are going to want to leave a couple added days for transport, so don't wait till the final minute.

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Sea of fashions

Before you put out looking for a tallit which is suitable for your son's preference, specify what you're searching for, otherwise, you might get lost in a sea of countless tallit styles.

How much does it cost?

The narrow kind of ivory shawl is made from less substance, therefore costs are considerably lower. Quality yarn tallits begin around $70, depending upon size.

The pricier wool tallits (occasionally called"Chatanim") are made from a denser weave and might contain features like wool pads and stain-resistance. Handcrafted tallit sets generally cost $200 to $400.

Handmade and hand-woven tallits normally arrive as a tallit place, using a matching pouch and kippah. Occasionally less costly modern tallits include options to obtain a matching pouch and kippah.

Size – Narrow vs. conventional

Some Reform and Conservative Jews utilize a narrow prayer shawl that wraps around the neck and hangs down in front.

Typically these are just 18, 24 or 28 inches broad. When you have a look at a tallit sizing graph, you will observe the widths abruptly jump from 24 or 28 inches to 44 or 48 inches.

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