If you have decided on a holiday on the Whitsunday Islands and have been doing some background research before you commit and have suddenly realised the number of islands you have to choose from, and now have a mountain of options and not sure of which way to go, we are here to help. 

The Whitsundays technically consists of 74 inhabited islands, though in reality there are over 150 all told.

On the islands that are feasible to visit with varying activities, you will not be disappointed, whether you are looking to go camping, hiking, caving, diving, get 5-star pampering treatment or just laze on the beach, the Whitsunday's has something for everyone. 

So a little research before you commit is the best way.  Here we list three islands, what they have and what kind of holiday-maker they would suit:

North Molle Island 

North Molle is surprisingly one of the less visited islands in the Whitsunday group, despite its lush tropical environment.  Granted it is less developed and a little on the wilder side but it's ideal for campers with an idyllic camping ground with scenic views.  

The island main beach is called Cockatoo Beach, it's untouched and has gorgeous sand, is a great swimming and snorkelling spot to relax with a picnic and has toilets, tables and chairs. 

For ways of getting around the islands, there is more info here.

Ideal for: Campers, Swimming, relaxation, a day trip for a picnic

Hamilton Island 

The most famous of the islands in the archipelago. Hamilton is well developed and offers something from families to single tourists.  There is a full range from low-end to high-end restaurant and accommodation. 

If being in a more commercialised tourist area does not bother you then this is an ideal vacation spot.  There are many recreational activities to do and for sure this will be on any tour companies itinerary already. 

Ideal for: Groups, families, high-end travellers, night-life

Pentecost Island 

Pentecost has the distinction of being the first island to be named on the Whitsundays. 

It's a distinctive feature is a rocky cliff that rises in the sky like a tooth and overhands the surrounding greenery.  This is now very popular with the climbing community that wants to challenge themselves. 

Ideal for:  Rock and adventure climbers

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