Bedarra Island is a tropical island known for offering honeymooners a private barefoot island experience. The island is located off the coast of Mission Beach in Australia, and neighbours the Great Barrier Reef. The general flora of the island is tropical in nature due to its location and climate.

Coconut palm trees are one of the most numerous trees on the island. They are mainly located on the beach and are one of the most versatile plants known. The coconut pulp can be eaten and its water is nutritious and sterile. The plant’s leaves have been used to as shade and plates while the fibres are strong and are used to make ropes. The meaty part of the palms trunk has a flavour reminiscent of hazelnuts and is used to make “the millionaire's salad”

Mango trees also grow on the island, the mango grown in the region is called Kensington Pride. The Mango is very popular in Australia, and is the most grown tree in the nation. The mangos on the island are juicy, soft and are brownish in colour. This mango is only grown in Australia. Miniature mangos also grow on the island; however, they are smaller in number.

Mangroves which consist of hibiscus and cottonwood grow around the hide tide mark whereas the beach Calophyllum rest just above the water mark. Coastal Sheoak protect the island from strong winds, the beach pandanus, a tree as versatile as the coconut palm can also be found on the island. Being in a national park, the island places importance on conserving the flora of the island and has earned its place as the top honeymoon destination for couples who love nature.

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